i could be doing any number of things before i have to leave to go to work but nah man i gotta look at all this sensual goofy fanart someone put on pixiv. There are PAGES of soft core goofy fanart to go through, sorry work, i’m going to be late

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this will never not be funny

i emailed my professor about the book and HE’S a trans dude and he was basically like “yeah it’s problematic but it makes u think and that makes it generative :D” and like ???? i guess but ur teaching problematic material to DUMB CIS PPL not enlightened trans ppl


when i was a kid I thought the dark in ‘tall dark and handsome’ meant dark skin and I was always confused when people would use the phrase to describe whitey mcwhiterson 

i presented my trans ppl project and my professor wouldn’t stop talking about how my “common illustration style” is “aneemay” and how two naked trans ppl need speed lines or a city backdrop behind them because he would not let the anime thing go because i guess representation in media + my style = anime shit and they related it to superheroes and then the ta looked at the trans woman and went “she-…the left one” and just
cis ppl

the protagonist is dfab but they were raised as male and identifies as male so he’s not REALLY TRANS BECAUSE TRANS PPL ARE ASSIGNED AS FEMALE AT BIRTH

my professor equated a girl growing no boobs to her body being “masculine” so having no boobs but periods gives her a “mixed gender body” and said “born female” and fuckin that he chose his gender i’m losing my goddamn mind in this class