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I hope none of you object to this cover

Zoro: Luffy this isn't our fight.
Luffy: ᕕ( ᐛ )___________________________ᕗ




You can be proud to be black.
You can be proud to be Asian.
You can be proud to be Arabic.
You can be proud to be Spanish.
You can be proud to be any race.
But you can never be proud to be white, because that makes you racist.

this idiot is still making stupid posts
still doesn’t get it

white is a loosely defined amalgamation of different people who have all been homogenized enough to gain ranks in a socioeconomic power system that exploits those who aren’t in the higher ranks and does nothing to describe any sort of cultural or ethnic origins/history so “white pride” fundamentally means you feel pride in whiteness and not your specified country/region/culture of origin. And as previously explained, whiteness is nothing but power, inhumane cruelty, and mistreatment.

that is why “white pride” is an absolutely heinous and ignorant concept the likes of which is only espoused by tattering morons who erroneously say shit like “whites started culture” or “white people invented everything”

does the idiot get it now




okay since yall seem to be incapable of identifying fake sj posts here’s a handy guide:

  1. go to the source of the post
  2. check the tags
  3. if it’s tagged with two thousand variations of “otherkin” and “headspace” and “sj” then it is 100% fake no exceptions and if you reblog it unironically you are a bad person


all of you who are too fucking gullible to detect obvious trollery can refer to this bingo card



I cant help right now, but hopefully some of y’all can.

I signed up. If you’re concerned with this situation and have the means to please consider doing so as well. Raising awareness is good, but it only does so much if everyone expects “someone else” to be the one who takes action. This is a concrete way to directly influence the issue if you’re in a situation that allows you to afford it.

i’m watching dbz kai with emily and since it’s near the end they put ALL THE COVERS OF THE OP TOGETHER but they didn’t RERECORD THEM so everyone is off beat and you can hear sean schemmel being really autotuned but no one else is


bye gentarou